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South and North Komodo

Departure: Labuan Bajo

Return: Labuan Bajo

Approximate number of dives: 30

Requirements: Open Water (at least 30 dives logged)


Day 1: Check-in and check dives: Labuan Bajo – Komodo

2 dives

Pick up from the airport/hotel and transfer to the boat

Welcome drink and introduction to the boat, team and crew

Check dive on Sebayur Kecil

2nd dive on the Mini Wall of Sebayur Kecil


Day 2: Central Komodo

3-4 dives

morning drift dive on Tatawa Besar

dives on Batu Bolong and Karang Makassar

possibility of a night dive on Siaba Besar


Day 3: Central and North Komodo

3 dives

morning dive at Siaba Besar (also known as a Turtle City)

afternoon dives at Crystal Rock and Castle Rock (hoping for sharks)

Sunset trek on Gili Lawa Darat


Day 4: North Komodo

3 dives

morning wake up call to dive at “Shot Gun” of Cauldron

diving at the Golden Passage (again, hoping for sharks and other big stuff)

night dive at Gili Lawa Darat


Day 5: Central Komodo

3 dives

diving at Mawan (hoping to meet mantas again)

drift dive at Siaba Kecil, then a dive at Siaba Besar


Day 6: Padar

2 dives

morning dives at Pulau Tengah Kecil

heading to Padar, stopping at Payung

trekking on Padar Island, with its 3 sandy bays, enjoying the sunset


Day 7: Padar – Nusa Kode

3 dives

morning dive at 3 Sisters, and then the Secret Garden. Lucky ones can sometimes see the mobula rays!

dive at Pilarsteen

navigation to Nusa Kode


Day 8: Nusa Kode

3 dives

interesting awakening being observed by Komodo dragons staring at you from the beach

dives at Yellow Wall, Cannibal Rock and Torpedo


Day 9: Nusa Kode

3 dives

more South dives at Torpedo and Crinoids Canyon

night dive at Torpedo to spot the Torpedo Ray, the spot is called after


Day 10: Back from the South

3 dives

Last chance so see the manta rays at Manta Alley

dive at the littre wreck of Lok Sera

heading to Labuan Bajo, but still another dive at Waenilu

arriving to Labuan Bajo in the afternoon, exploring the city

dinner on board or in the city

night on board


Day 11: Labuan Bajo

breakfast on board

transfer to the airport or hotel