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Sebayur kecil


A great diving spot to start at the beginning of Komodo National Park, as there is not much current. Diving can start from a shallow depth to allow to refresh skills. Getting further to the ridge you will slowly sense the current passing close to several coral blocks. On the depth of 15-17 m you will find a colourful micro-life: cleaner shrimps, bubble coral shrimps, porcelain crabs hidden in anemones, intriguing leaf fish, jaw fish and sand eels.

Aside of the micro-life, during your dive you often spot there bumphead parrot fish or schools of fusiliers. Look carefully, you might have a chance to see some cuttlefish lying its eggs in the staghorn corals.

The dive spot continues to a long underwater rim, sand areas continue, but getting the depth the slope becomes a mini-wall. At the end of the rim you can feel more current and there is a chance that you meet large schools of redtooth triggerfish and hunting jacks.