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Rinca island

Rinca island, called as well Rincah or Rindja is a small island close to Komodo and Flores, in the area of East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. Despite of its small size (198 sq. km) it is one of the biggest islands in the National Park of Komodo. The island gained its fame thanks to the dragons of Komodo, huge lizards reaching 3 m in size. Rinca is inhabited as well by other species like wild pigs, buffalos and many birds.

Island Rinca is an island of an upland type; the highest hill reaches 197 m, the island is covered mainly by hight grass, bush and palms.

Being an island less visited than Komodo island, Rinca is a great place to watch dragons of Komodo in their natural habitat, with smaller number of visitants.

The estimated population of dragons of Komodo on the island is around 3000, what gives great probability to meet some on such small area.

Island Rinca is visited monthly by few hundreds of people, what preserves its virgin character.

One day visit can be reserved in Labuan Bajo on Flores in the office of the National Park of Komodo. Visitors are taken to the island with a small boat.

Living conditions of the aboriginal inhabitants are quite difficult. There is no schools, some governmental organizations try to supply books for children. Inhabitants have to pay attention all the time to the dragons of Komodo, which from time to time attack and kill people.