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During your journey on Salakanagara, you must be medically fit to participate in the activities we provide. You are strongly advised to undergo a full medical examination before joining our trips. We reserve the right to prevent your participation in any activities if you are deemed medically/mentally unfit to do so or in our sole discretion. Your safety is our first priority. There are neither the facilities nor the people in these remote locations who can properly deal with significant medical issues. If you have any significant existing or previous injury/condition that could have an impact on the tour, you need to have that addressed before your arrival. Further, we may request to see certification from a qualified medical professional attesting to your suitability for diving. Final decisions are up to the Trip leader and can not be revoked. We will always err on the side of caution, and it should be understood that we are not medical professionals and will not make decisions that put our guests at risk. Medical conditions can include: Asthma, Diabetes, Previous Diving Related Injuries, Pneumothorax, Recent Surgery, Recent Concussions, Thyroid Conditions, Hypertension and conditions that require consumption of psychiatric drugs are all relevant. Recent illnesses include any highly contagious illness, MRSA (or related). We also ask that any matter that could potentially affect your experience below that water or above needs to be addressed. As mentioned in our Medical questions section, all medical questions and concerns need to be addressed in your home country or in medical facilities with certified diving medicine practitioners. There are no facilities locally that can address significant medical questions, nor will their signatures be accepted.
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