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Raja Ampat South

Departure: Sorong

Return: Sorong

Approximate number of dives: 30

Requirements: Open Water (at least 30 dives logged)

Day 1: Check-in and check dives: Sorong

1 dive

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat

Welcome drink and introduction to the boat, team and crew

Check dive in Sorong area

Navigation to Misool, around 12 h


Day 2: Daram

3 dives

Arriving to Daram island in the morning. Immersion at Vibrant Color or Warna Berwarna, 1 or 2 dives

Don’t forget to take underwater camera, as the colors of pink and orange soft corals there are stunning! Take a careful look to spot pygmy sea horses!

Last dive of the day at Candy Store, where you might spot barracudas and fusilliers

Navigation to Fabiacet


Day 3-5: Fabiacet, Boo, Wayilbatan

10-12 dives

3 days in the heart of Misool area getting under water in such spots like Fabiacet, Boo Rocks with its famous window shape, Nudi Rock for lovers of the macro life, and Whale Rock

possibility of a night dive at Yellit Kecil; try to find the Nembrotha nudibranch!

At Wayilbatan you can count on its Four Kings, Dunia Kecil or Barracuda Rock; then we will sail more west


Day 6-7: Farondi + Balbulol

6-7 dives

Area of Wagmab and Farondi. A spot for cave and tunnel lovers

An unique topography of Goa Besar will leave you speachless, and the Macro Rock will satisfy every photographer.

In the proximity of Balbulol we will get to Love Potion and No Contest; some current there! Look for jacks and batfish there.

Night navigation to Batanta


Day 8: Batanta

3 dives

Dives at Reflection Reef, Happy Ending and Algae Patch, a paradise for the macro lovers.

Possibility of a night dive at the Reflection Reef.

Night navigation to Fam Island.


Day 9: Fam

3 dives

Choice of the nicest dive sponts, among others Melissa’s Garden, My Reef and Keruo chanel

You should climb Pianemo hill for unforgettable photos!


Day 10: Dampier Strait

2 dives

Dives at Manta Sandy to spot those beautiful creatures or a dive at Cape Kri

Navigation to Sorong (4-5 h)

City exploration

Dinner in the city or on board

Night on board


Day 11: Sorong

breakfast on board, transport to the airport o hotel