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Raja Ampat North

Departure: Sorong

Return: Sorong

Approximate number of dives: 31-34

Requirements: Open Water (at least 30 dives logged)

Day 1: Check-in and check dives: Sorong

2 dives

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat

Welcome drink and introduction to the boat, team and crew

Check dive in Sorong area

If the flight schedule allows, 1 additional regular dive


Day 2-3: Dampier Strait

7-8 dives

3 dives in the neighborhood of Kri island; in dive spots like Sardine Reef, Cape Kri, Friwinbonda, Blue Magic, Mioskon, Arborek Pier… most of places are worth to be repeated, there is a lot to see there!

night dive on Sawok or Arborek Jetty


Day 4: Gam

3-4 dives

exploration of the channel between Tanggefo and Gam islands; dives on spots like Citrus Ridge; possibility to leave to take a dive at Mayhem Reef (to be more outside)


Day 5: Aljuy Bay

3 dives

Macro life here! We will dive probably at White Arrow or Channel Island.

Possibility of visiting a pearl farm


Day 6: Penemu

3-4 dives

After macro life day before, time to go for a bigger hunt! We will dive at the Galaxy and Barracuda Point.

Then we will go down the island to reach Melissa’s Garden

possibility of a night dive


Day 7: Fam

3 dives

Choice of the nicest dive sponts, among others Melissa’s Garden, My Reef and Keruo chanel

You should climb Pianemo hill for unforgettable photos!


Day 8: Batanta North

3 dives

dives around Pulau Dayang

in the evening a possibility of a land trip to look for coconut crabs (trip with rangers)


Day 9-10: Dampier Strait


4 dives

free choice of dive spots; all are great here!

In the afternoon sailing to Sorong (4-5 h)

City exploration

Dinner in the city or on board

Night on board


Day 11: Sorong

breakfast on board, transport to the airport o hotel