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Prices Tidak Apa’Pa

DestinationDiver (price per day)Non-diver (price per day)Charter (price per day)
Komodo National Park200 €150 €1000 €
South Sulawesi220 €175 €1100 €
Moluccas and Banda Sea220 €175 €1100 €
Raja Ampat240 €200 €1250 €

DestinationRebreather diver* (price per day)Rebreather charter* (price per day)
Komodo National Park300 €1350 €
South Sulawesi300 €1500 €
Moluccas and Banda Sea300 €1500 €
Raja Ampat320 €1750 €

*Tidak Apa’Pa doesn’t provide rebreathers, every diver needs to bring her/his own, as well as the spare parts

In the price for the rebreathers is included:

  • Rebreather Consumable: Sofnolime
  • Gas : Oxygen and/or Helium
  • 2L Tanks, steel or stainless

The number of rebreathers onboard is limited to 5.

Equipment rentalPrice per day
Any piece of the equipment (BCD, reguator, wetsuit...)50 000 IDR
Dive computer**50 000 IDR
Dive light 50 000 IDR
GoPro**150 000 IDR

**subject to availability. Rental need beeds to be communicated 30 days before the departure. Payment needs to be done in local currency to the crew.

Loss or damage of the equipmentPrice
Mask350 000 IDR
Snorkel100 000 IDR
Weight50 000 IDR
Dive light500 000 IDR
BCD, wetsuit, regulatorAccording to the invoice