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Land trips

Land trips come in two types, we offer the fist one, for the second one we will help you to book with one of our partners.

Our land trips take place during the liveaboard safari. The “must see” are of course dragons of Komodo, what would be the Komodo adventure without seeing a dragon?

Usually we chase the dragons on Rinca island. There are several options of visiting Rinca, but the most attractive one we suggest is a “long trek” – 2 h, distance of 5 km. We reach the place where water buffalos feed, this is the place where there is the greatest probability to meet dragons.

Sometimes, if we are lucky, we can see dragons earlier, in their natural habitat. Usually they sun tan in a dry or muddy riverbed, savannah covered with lontar palms or some scattered rocks.

Of course, we can adjust the time and do a medium-size or short treks.

There is a possibility to do a fully customized excursion, more far away from common paths, but it has to be agreed before our liveaboard safari, as it will influence the whole diving planification and the whole group has to agree unanimously.

During afternoons, after diving we encourage to descend on smaller, inhabited islands (we check if there is no dragons before!)

We offer a visit to the fishermens’ village, as optional. Similarly to the customized excursions, we need the consent of the whole group, as it will influence the diving safari planning. We suggest to visit the village the last day, which needs to be no-dive day before the flight; in the morning we usually go to find the dragons, and in the afternoon to see village life.

After the safari, if you want to see Flores, we put you in contact with one of our partners. The best option is to reserve at least 4 days, ideally a bit more.

Fascinating travel across Flores will end in such case on the other side and you will fly to Bali either from Maumere or Ende. Example of a Flores trip: 4 days Flores

You can stay close to Labuan Bajo as well, there are one day trips to the Cunca Wulang and Cunca Rami waterfalls.