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10 days liveaboard Komodo Banda Sea

Departure: Ambon

Return: Ambon

Approximate number of dives: 27

Requirements: Advanced Open Water (at least 30 dives logged)

This diving safari requires traveling by night, therefore is not recommended for people who get sea sick easily and are not able to sleep at night while the boat is moving.

Day 1: Check-in and check dives: Ambon

2 dives

Pick up from the airport and transfer to the boat

Welcome drink and introduction to the boat, team and crew

Check dive at Ambon Bay (did you see those weird critters already?)

depending of the flight schedule, 2nd day dive or a night dive at Ambon’s Bay

night navigation to Nusa Laut (45 nautic miles)


Day 2: Nusa Laut

3 dives

3 dives around Nusa Laut looking for dugongs, eagle rays and schools of groupers

night navigation towards Banda Islands (80 nautic miles)


Day 3: Banda Islands

3-4 dives

on the way to Banda Islands there will be a stop for a dive at Pulau Suanggi, offering such fantastic dive spots as the Pinnacle and the East Corner.

heading to Pulau Ai

sunset dive at the pier of Bandaneira searching for Mandarin fish


quiet night at the spot


Day 4: Banda Islands

3-4 dives

The area of Banda Islands offers great variety of dive sites; from a volcanic rock at Pohon Miring to the black sand at the Banda harbor

There is an optio of the land trip: Banda Neira and the plantation of a nutmeg; as well as historic forts and a small maritime museum

night navigation to Manuk (65 nautic miles)


Day 5: Manuk Island

2-3 dives

The spot is also known as the Snake Volcano. You will be smelling the sulfur in the air, and witness hot rocks and ascending bubbles; you will be fully aware of the volcanic activity there.

Under water you will be surrounded by big amounts of sea snakes; harmless, so you can make photos with them

night navigation to Nila (75 nautic miles)


Day 6-7: Banda Sea Reefs + Nila Serua

2 x 3 dives

some spots here have great chances for hammerhead sharks! But even if they will not show up, the visibility is usually fabulous and the walls are splendid!

At the end of the day 7, night navigation to Luci Para (130 nautic miles)


Day 8-9: Luci Para atoll

4-5 dives

It is a group of 7 islands in the middle of the Banda Sea. They are tops of the underwater mountains, attracting sometimes hammerheads.

Aftr day 9, night navigation to the Ambon Island (100 nautic miles)


Day 10: Ambon Bay

1-2 dives

depending of the flight schedule, there is a possibility to immerse for 1 or 2 dives, getting back to the small, what is beautiful!


Day 11: Check-out

Breakfast on board and transfer to the airport